Releasing the Gift of Play in Your Life

Play connects us to the life force.

Human beings have an innate capacity to play. It’s something we have in common with many other beings

It’s not only children who play, and if we forget this we pay a high price. It has been said that the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.

Playing allows us to meet the world with curiosity, with a sense of agency. It is the ‘yes!’ to life, where we can learn to see our life as an experiment with that invitation to enquire…what if?


"Our capacity for play ... can become drowned in a life full of prescriptions, responsibilities and fears. In Playful Awakening Gammage brings back to life the magical, mysterious, liberating significance of play as a source of health and transformation, not just for children but for us all. She shows us that when we see the play of our reality, we discover how much lighter, kinder and more joyful our world can then be."
̶  Rob Preece, author of The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra, The Wisdom of Imperfection and Feeling Wisdom

"We learned: “hard work” is the key to success, play is kids’ stuff. This fascinating, deep dive into play rejoins the two. That marriage produces more creative and innovative work, more authentic lives and healthier relationships."
̶  Bowen F. White MD, author of Why Normal Isn’t Healthy, Founding Board Member, The National Institute for Play

"In [Di Gammage's] comprehensive look at play ... the reader can begin to appreciate its richness and life affirming reality."
- Stuart Brown MD, Founder, President, The National Institute for Play

Blog on the clay head to follow…